In 2014 I moved to the Kent Coast, near Herne Bay. I bought a little wooden bungalow with big ideas about refurbishment and started swimming in the sea. At first I was unsettled by not being able to see the bottom, the sea was murky,  bumpy and TIDAL! I just wanted to get up in the morning and go for a dip;  on some mornings to my dismay the sea had gone away! However, with time I grew to love the cycle of the tide, it’s push and pull and  began to gather up things that it brought back to show me. Stones, shells, sea glass, driftwood, scraps of fabric, plastic, metal and more. Treasures from who knows where! I love it’s constantly changing edges, the morphing skyline, the light, the colours, the clouds, the geese and gulls shrieking overhead. I feel so small in the water yet somehow very connected.