An Exhibition of work with Cleo Mussi an internationally acclaimed mosaic artist. Exploring what we hold, in the hand and in the mind.


SHIFT was an exhibition in the remaining rotten skeleton of my house just before demolition.  It was a very personal response to a sense of vulnerability and shocking upheaval


When it became clear that my new wooden house was going to have to be demolished I was scared and excited. The interior of the gutted house was beautiful and I wanted to use it and commemorate the old house in some way. So my photographer friend Viv Yankah and I conceived a show within the bones of the house. We did a one off shoot in the setting sun of me hanging upside down naked and vulnerable on the various skeletal stud walls, then blew the images up to nearly life size and displayed them where they had been shot. It was a powerful show and a real celebration of feeling the fear and doing it anyway! .

Kent Collects Folkestone Museum March 22-May 14

Karen Pamplin Browne is a Folkestone based artist and curator who’s photographic and participatory work explores themes of collecting.

Five  artists who use collecting as part of their work are showing together at Folkestone Museum art space.

John Wiltshire

Rachael Dickens

Ann Bridges

Uli Jaeger

Malcolm Allen

  • There will be a photographic ‘collection of collections’ and the
  • Found in Folkestone Beach Hut Museum.


Figures in a floating Landscape Turner in the South Horsebridge Centre Wednesday 22nd -Sunday 27th February

Turner in the south


Composer Peter Coyte and  Choreographer Dora Frankel  are working on a new dance piece with two contemporary dancers.  Researching new work using sound, music, dance and imagery inspired by Turner’s Kent coast work and environmental change. Visitors will be able to see the evolution of this part of the project over 7 days.

Performance Sunday 25th February 2pm.